Golden Centurie Charter


The O.F.M.C. of O sentences without reserve and without ambiguity the opposite practices to the human dignity, to the integrity of the people and to the property of the properties,that is why he reaffirms the principles which always have were his:

He exercises his associative activity in the field of the thought in a peaceful and brotherly way.

He never imposes to his members a dogma or an unique thought.

He refrains itself from any activity or from religious or political discussion of order, while leaving in this domain the freedom of speech to each of his members.

He uses no method of persuasion or manipulation which can strike a blow at the free will or at the will of the individual.


He lets with each of his members, completely free, leave the organization at any time without being worried in any way.

He opposes any shape of racial or ethnic segregation.

He refuses itself in any apology of the evil, and condemns all the forms of violence.

He excludes any member sentenced by a penal jurisdiction for opposite facts to the righteousness and to the common decency.

He requires his members only an annual contribution, as being the case in any association.

He works in the only purpose to pass on(to transmit) his traditional and initiatory teachings, and to immortalize his ideal humanists.

He is attached to the freedom absolved from consciousness which is guaranteed by the secularism of institutions, where from a fundamental importance to support the latter.

It is up to no current and claims no political, social or religious bent.

He participates by his reflection, in the protection of environment and the respect for the nature.

He here intends to remind his attachment to the values of human rights, such as define by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of December, 1948.

"Retirons-nous en paix, en jurant de garder la Loi du silence."