One of the German Rosicrucian circles of XVIII °, that of Rose-Croix d‘ Or of old system, constituted a Changing room in Munich, which consisted of an only high rank and used a fascinating magic rite surrounded with mystery and with esotericism.

In 1912, the Order of Germain federated within it all the societies of thought of the time of which the Golden century, which was one of the high ranks magic in numerous Changing rooms of Germain.

The Second World War, affected largely the growth and the activities of the order of the Golden century. His president disappeared and number of her leaders and her members did not survive the storm. After the war, the Order of the Golden century was virtually dormant, in particular in Europe.

In 1960, the Order of the Golden century was woken thanks to the efforts of M.Heusermann, who was the co-founder of the Golden century of Zurick. With some found archives, he was helped by E.Bruckmann and G.Gaubatz, who as were him the last survivors of the supreme Council.

By this act, his members claimed the sustainability of the justified Order, and other illustrious members of the Golden century joined them.

Nowadays, the Order of the Golden century is present in 11 countries, each managed by a Great master, who is elected for a mandate of 5 years. His leaders of some nationalities that they are, lead their activities as responsible for the Frank-masonic Order of the Golden century (O.F.M.C.d‘O) the activities of which extend in the whole world..

"Retirons-nous en paix, en jurant de garder la Loi du silence."