The Gold Century


This presentation will allow a large number of men and women to understand better the initiative of the members of the Golden century Order, independently of this Web site which is only a brief documentation.

The Golden century is an independent and sovereign masonic organization. Its sovereignty lives in the universality of this members, which exercises them by the universal suffrage of the master Masonic builders combined in a Lodge.

The Golden century is fundamentally a traditional initiatory Order, based on the Brotherhood and organized this day, according to a progress in nine degrees.

The lodges of Golden Century open them works "To the glory of the big Architect of the universe", being the latter a symbol, that is up to every Sister or Brother to give its own definition. Every member is free to believe or not in a creative god, the only reserve is to respect the freedom of conscience of others. It allows the exchange between believers of different confessions and the atheists or free thinkers. Each has to respect a point of view which is not his. To this end, the Changing room refrains itself from the debates on polemical, religious or political subjects.

Among its definitions, the constant and rigorous respect for the tradition in spite of the diversities of character of the Big logdes of all the countries, the variety of lodges, rites, particular tendencies of the Brothers and sisters of any races, any nationalities, of quite faiths and any opinions which drive them, insure the Order its universal character and allows all to recognize itself between them as Brothers and sisters.

These traditional rules represent our cement and our link. They are at the same time of moral and practical order. They fix in its main lines the life of the Big lodges and that of the lodges, and assign to all inviolable moral imperativesThey allow the Freemasonry to establish it really center of union where meet in a brotherly fashion women and men who, without it, would have perpetually remained foreign one to another.

To finish it with some fantasies....

The Freemasonry is one of rare groupings among the societies of thought, in which a free man can adhere without abdicating anything, because his support is not a recruitment. It implies no incompatible obligation with his ideal, because it does not harm in his freedom, does not infringe in his independence, does not reduce not at all his convictions.

Its methods if working private individuals, the serenity of its dresses, its traditions and its freely accepted rites, its freely interpreted symbols, a total freedom of expression in the tolerance and the brotherhood, an exceptional initiatory process of improvement and emancipation of the individuals in their diversity, the free Mason in a free lodge make that an anarchist is in Masonry like a duck to water.

"It is necessary to be a free man to accept (and not undergo) a discipline. Because it is valid discipline only the one to which we submit ourselves freely and spontaneously"

(Propos du frère Léo Campion).

"Retirons-nous en paix, en jurant de garder la Loi du silence."